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Scholarship Program


The goal of the Boulder Valley Hockey Foundation (BHC) Scholarship Program is to provide it’s member families and players who may need financial assistance with the means to play youth hockey. Scholarships  are available for those that qualify based on the criteria below. Levels of assistance will vary from year to year and are based on funds available through the club, outside charitable contributions, and earmarked fundraising activity. All scholarship awards will be applied as credit to the families account and are not a cash award. Awards are at the full discretion of the BHC Board of Directors as recommended by the BHC Scholarship Committee. Applicants will be contacted via email by the BHC Scholarship Committee regarding the status of the scholarship request.


In order to be awarded a scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  1. Have no outstanding balance for season fees, team fees, or any other balance with BHC.

  2. Be in good standing with applicable leagues, CAHA, and USA Hockey.

  3. Be registered for the upcoming season, and have paid registration fees. (This means accepting your team assignment in Team Snap, and choosing the payment plan option.)

  4. Agree to repay any award amount should the player leave BHC during the same season.

  5. Parents / guardians should be willing to commit to volunteer activities with the club if at all possible.


Scholarship awards are applied to season fees only. Scholarships are not applied to initial registration fees, travel expenses, team fees, or any other fees. Scholarship recipients may be required to sign the Award & Acceptance Agreement prior to the credit being applied to the member’s account. You will be asked to affirm that the current financial situation is the same as at the time of application.  Scholarship funds are applied to the final payment of the BHC Season Fees. If a player withdraws before completion of the season, scholarships must be repaid to BHC.


The deadline to submit a scholarship application is September 30.  It is recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible. The scholarship committee will review scholarship applications and make its recommendation to the full Board of Directors for a final vote at the October or November board meeting. Notice of awards will be made following the vote.

Application Process

The application process is handled online through the application form, which can be found here: BHC 2021-22 Scholarship Application. In addition to completion of the online form, applicants must submit the following documents to the BHC Scholarship Committee  at the following email address ( :

  • A written statement of need. This statement should provide as much information as necessary to enable the committee to fully evaluate the financial need and situation of the applicant. (This may be in the body of the email or in a separate attachment.)

  • A copy of the most recent federal tax return.

  • A copy of the most recent 2 months of paycheck stubs or unemployment benefit checks.

  • A copy of the player’s most recent school report card.

Note: Incomplete application packages will not be considered.

Evaluation Process

The BHC Scholarship committee will review all completed applications and make an award determination based on financial need, circumstances described in the written statement, amount of assistance requested, and the length of time at Boulder Hockey Club.  A representative of the scholarship committee may contact applicants during the process for additional information. 


Questions should be directed to the BHC Scholarship Committee at