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Colorado Hockey Hub


Body Contact Spring Clinic

Learning confidence in body contact and how to check properly are imperative for success in youth hockey. This camp will focus on critical techniques that will allow players to gain confidence in all aspect of body contact. In a controlled environment, players will learn angling, giving and receiving checks, board pins, puck protection, effective use of body checking, and initiating offensive body contact.

Advanced Defenseman Skills & Scoring Camp

The defensive and offensive coaches will work with their players on aspects of scoring and defending in the morning ice session and we will have them compete against each other in the afternoon sessions. We will use video and on ice instruction to help them learn both the defensive and offensive concepts we will be teaching the players.

Summer Power Skating Camp

This camp is designed to improve every aspect of a players skating. We will work on technique with edges, balance, transitions and quick starts and stops. We also want these players to learn how to skate the length of the ice with speed, explosiveness and endurance. This camp will prepare your player to get to the next level.

Girls Only Hockey Camp

This camp is designed to get girls from all over the country and beyond to come together and learn new skills and concepts. We are very excited to have two great young women leading our camp this year. Come and hone your skating, stickhandling, and shooting skills in a high-paced environment that is sure to challenge. Players are grouped by skill-ability, ensuring a highly competitive environment.

Preseason Bootcamp

If you are, looking to prepare yourself to play at the top of your game for tryouts, both physically and mentally, this 5-day tune-up camp should be on your radar! Sessions are not instruction heavy, but focus on playing with ‘game-like’ speed, strength and endurance, decision making under pressure, and a strong emphasis on competitive battle drills. This camp is about shaking the summer rust off and getting back into shape for tryouts.