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2021-2022 Season Registration

2021-2022 Season Registration




All registrations will use TeamSnap for the 2021-2022 Season. You will need the following in order to complete the registration process:

  • 2021-22 USA Hockey Number & PDF Confirmation (USA Hockey Registration). You will need your player's USA Hockey Confirmation Number to complete registration on TeamSnap. Please save a copy of your USA Hockey Registration as a PDF file in case it is needed during the season.
  • Boulder Hockey Club Consent to Treat/Medical History Form. Download the form below and complete.  You will need to upload the completed form during the registration process.
  • NON-REFUNDABLE Registration Fee. The Registration Fee is required for players to step on the ice for tryouts and is non-refundable if a player chooses not to complete the tryout process.
  • If you are new to Boulder Hockey Club for the 2021-22 Season, you will need a completed CAHA Transfer Form (below). This will need to be signed by your previous organization's Director. A completed form will need to be uploaded during the registration process.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Greg Sodbinow (

Registration Process Walkthrough

Please have the following documents complete before starting registration:

  1. USA Hockey Confirmation Number - The FOURTH NUMBER in the confirmation number should be a 2 (this identifies that the number is good for the 2021-22 season). USA Hockey Player Registration
  2. BHC Consent to Treat - Please have a completed digital copy ready to upload! These forms can be used throughout the year in case a player is injured during a team event. Digital copies are available below.
  3. Credit Card or Bank Account Information - Registration Fees will require payment to complete. Please reference the 2021-22 Registration Fee Schedule below for breakdown.


  1. CLICK HERE or follow links on this page to register for the 2021-2022 Boulder RoughRiders Season.
  2. The next screen will prompt you to either fill information based on what TeamSnap has stored from previous seasons or enter new information. NOTE: if you register immediately after getting the new USA Hockey number, it may take 5-10 minutes for TeamSnap to update with the new information.
  3. Once Participant  and Parent info is complete, you will be taken to the Docs & Waivers section that includes: Consent to Treat upload, CAHA Player Transfer upload (if applicable), RoughRider Participation Waiver, BHC Policy Handbook Agreement, BHC Photo/Video Release, BHC Safesport and Unified Code of Conduct Agreement, and BHC Payment Policy Agreement.
  4. To complete this section (except for Consent to Treat and Transfer forms) you will need to enter your name in the corresponding fields.
  5. The next section is Participant Fees - all ages except 8u will be required to pay the Registration Fee of at least $500; if you are registering multiple players, you will be able to confirm fees for each player. Individuals registering for 8U will need to select the option for 8U Registration Fees.
  6. If your player would like to attend AA Tryouts for their age group, you can check the box for "AA Tryout" and the $50 fee will be added to the total due.
  7. Once all appropriate fees are selected, you will be taken to final checkout where you can enter credit card or bank account information.
  8. You're done!

After completing registration, continue to check back for updates on Tryout Dates and Times. We will do our best to disseminate this info as soon as we can.

If you have any questions or issues with the Registration process, contact Greg Sodbinow by email  (



Tryout Dates & Times

LRR 16u AA/19u AA
Friday, Aug 20: 7:00-8:00pm
Saturday, Aug 21: 10:30-11:30am
Sunday, Aug 22: 3:55-4:55pm

LRR 14u AA
Saturday, Aug 21: 9:00-10:00am
Sunday, Aug 22: 2:45-3:45pm

16u AA/15u AA
Friday, Aug 20: 5:30-6:30pm
Saturday, Aug 21: 11:40am-12:40pm
Sunday, Aug 22: 1:30-2:30pm

14u AA
Saturday, Aug 28: 1:50-2:50pm
Sunday, Aug 29: 10:00-11:00am; 5:00-6:00pm

14u A/B
Wednesday, Sept 1: 5:10-6:25pm
Thursday, Sept 2: 5:10-6:25pm


If you are new to Boulder Hockey Club from another program in the State of CO, you will need your prior organization to sign the CAHA Player Transfer document. Once complete, please send to BHC Registrar Renee Alegranti.

tryout dates & times

12u AA
Tuesday, Sept 7: 5:30-6:30pm
Wednesday, Sept 8: 5:10-6:10pm

12u A/B
Friday, Sept 10: 5:50-6:50pm
Saturday, Sept 11: 11:50am-12:50pm

10u AA
Thursday, Sept 16: 5:25-6:25pm
Friday, Sept 17: 5:50-6:50pm

10u A/B
Sunday, Sept 19: 9:50-10:50am; 3:55-4:55pm

Players who are trying out for AA teams and do not make a AA roster will be automatically added to the A/B Tryout Roster for their respective age group!

**Girls who DO NOT wish to tryout for Lady RoughRiders will be placed on either 15U Girls, 12U Girls, or 10U Girls**


ALL PLAYERS will be required to complete a Consent to Treat form prior to participating in tryouts. Please download and complete this form to upload during the registration process on TeamSnap.


To view your TeamSnap account, please visit TeamSnap and sign in. This is located in the top right corner of the screen on the TeamSnap home page.

Further help with TeamSnap can be found on the TeamSnap Playbook site.

2021-2022 Registration Fee Schedule

10U through 18U Teams

Registration Date Cost
On or before June 30, 2021 $500
July 1, 2021 - July 31, 2021 ($100 Late Fee added)       $600      
August 1, 2021 or later ($200 Late Fee added) $700

Please note that any Late Fees DO NOT count towards Season Fees. The Season Fee schedule will remain the same regardless of the amount of a player’s Registration Fee.

2021-22 Season - Additional Info

Upon the completion of Tryouts, players and parents will be notified of which team their player has made - this is the point at which Season Fees become outstanding and owed to Boulder Hockey Club - if a player is placed on a roster, registration fees and season fees must be paid in full in order for a Financial Release to be completed.

Players will then be invited/added to their teams via TeamSnap.  Players will have the to option to pay season fees in full or choose the installment plan.

After the first week or two the team is together, team will agree upon an amount to be paid by each family for Team Fees. Team Fees are paid directly to the Team Manager or Treasurer.

BHC 8U Program

Mite players will pay a $100 registration fee regardless of date of registration that will be applied to the Season Fees.  For 8U, season fees do not include jersey fees, jamboree fees or other miscellaneous team fees. The 8U season runs from the first weekend in October through the first weekend in March.

If you have questions about the BHC Mite Program, please contact 8u Director Jackson Wilson (
If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the appropriate Division Director. Contact Greg Sodbinow at if you need payment arrangements.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, BHC understands the uncertainty our community may face in the future. We will continue to provide programming under whatever guidelines are provided to us by Local and State Authority.

2021-22 BHC + LRR Payment Schedule

2021-22 Season Fees can be found in the document below. If installment plan is chosen for Season Fees, installments will be charged: at checkout once roster placement occurs, October 10, November 10, and December 10, 2021.


If you are interested in joining our club, please express interest by contacting Boulder Hockey Club using the link below. Each player will be contacted and evaluated by one of our hockey staff. Those that show a proficient skill level will be invited to Member Tryouts.

Contact Boulder Hockey Club for more information.

BHC Scholarship Program

Want more information on BHC's Scholarship Program?

Please Click Here for scholarship information!

Registration, Season, and Team Fees

Registration fees and Season Fees are absolutely non-refundable once tryouts begin per association and league by-laws. Boulder Hockey Club Teams participate in 6 different leagues depending on age, gender and skill level.  BHC offers Team options within CHSAA, CPHL, CAHA, CGHL, CCYHL, CRHL and MSGHL (see descriptions below). Once a player attends tryouts and is placed on a team, refunds will not be issued. The only exception to this policy is if a player is not placed on a team roster within Boulder Hockey Club at the conclusion of tryouts.

A note about season and team fees: Families pay the club directly for registration ($500/$600/$700) and the remainder of the season fees (please reference BHC Payment Schedule). After teams are selected, additional team fees will be paid to the team manager or treasurer (different for each team). These fees are shared amongst each respective team to pay for tournament registrations (majority of the team fee), coach travel expenses, team parties, end-of-season coaches and player gifts, and other team-related expenses. Amount will be determined after teams are formed.


New players must have a financial release from their previous association unless coming from out-of-state.



International transfers must follow the USA Hockey requirements found here.  Below is the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Unlimited Transfer Request form:


Tentative Dates for the 2021-2022 Season (all dates are subject to change)

  • Tryouts
    • 16U - August 20
    • 14U - August 27
    • 12U - September 7
    • 10U - September 16
    • 8U - October 1
  • AA Dates (Determined by CAHA Tier II Committee)
    • 18U AA & 16U AA - August 20
    • 14U AA - August 27
  • Tiering Games
    • 14U (A/B) - September 10
    • 12U - September 24
    • 10U - October 1

League Information

CPHL: Colorado Prep Hockey League, sanctioned by USA Hockey.  They have three levels of play for their fall season: Varsity Tier I, Varsity Tier II, and JV.  Fall Tier I champions qualify for USA Hockey High School Nationals in Spring.

CHSAA: Colorado High School Activities Association.  This league is not sanctioned by USA Hockey, but it is considered the "official" high school league in Colorado.

CCYHL: Colorado Competitive Youth Hockey League. AA (10 & 12), A, B, & C teams in the CCYHL are considered Travel/Recreational. These BHC teams play mostly out of the Sport Stable but can also skate at CU Boulder.

CAHA: Colorado Amateur Hockey League. 14AA Girls & Co-ed, 16AA Girls & Co-ed, 18AA Co-ed & 19AA Girls teams fall under CAHA within the CCYHL are considered Tier II USA Hockey and their state champions qualify for USA Hockey Tier II  Nationals in Spring. 

CGHL: Colorado Girls Hockey League. 15U, 12U, 10U Girls teams will play in the CGHL.

MSGHL: Mountain States Girls Hockey League. Tier II Rocky Mountain District Girls Hockey League. Out 19AA, 16AA, 14 AA Lady RoughRiders teams will play in this league.

CRHL: Colorado Recreational Hockey League (USA Hockey) - Three tiers are offered: Red, White, and Blue, with Red being the most competitive.  These teams are a great option for kids who want to play a second sport, play hockey while allowing more time for other HS activities, and costs for the season will be less than our two other options.  CRHL teams can expect to get an average of 2 practices and 1 game each week.  These BHC teams mostly skate the Sports Stable and CU Boulder.

2021-2022 Uniforms

For the 2021-2022 Season, Boulder Hockey Club will be using the RoughRider Home and Away jersey designs.  As with existing practice uniform, game day uniforms (Home/Away Jersey & Socks) are included in the Total Season Fees.  8U Jersey & Socks are not included in the 8U Season Fees.

Additional Uniform Requirements:

  • Black Helmet with RoughRiders Stickers
  • Black Gloves
  • Black Breezers (Solid black pant shells are acceptable)

Off-Ice Uniforms will be determined by your player's Coach following tryouts and team assignments.