Neck Guards


Effective August 1, 2024, USA Hockey requires the use of neck laceration protection (neck guards) for all age classifications (except adults) in games AND practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is USA Hockey now requiring neck laceration protectors? 

USA Hockey has always been concerned about lacerations from a skate blade to all vulnerable areas including the neck and has recommended wearing a neck laceration protector that covers as much of the neck as possible along with cut resistant socks, sleeves, and undergarments.  

The USA Hockey Safety and Protective Equipment Committee (SPEC), at the request of the USA Hockey Board of Directors, started looking at potential rule modifications related to neck laceration protection in November 2023 and ultimately the USA Hockey Congress passed new legislation related to neck laceration protection at its January 2024 Winter Meeting.

Will a neck laceration protector prevent my child from getting cut?

There is still risk of injury when wearing a neck laceration protector, as with other protective equipment. No one piece of equipment can 100% prevent an injury from happening, but we can reduce the risk of injury by wearing proper fitting equipment without altering it in any way.

What is the best neck laceration protector to use?

Choose a neck laceration protector that covers as much of the exposed neck area as possible and is worn properly without alteration.

Can I sign a waiver to exempt my child from wearing a neck guard?

No, all players are required to wear a neck guard.

Can I make my own neck guard?

Players are required to wear a neck laceration protector that is commercially designed and manufactured for that purpose.

Where can I purchase a neck guard?

Most hockey retailers will have neck guards for purchase. Locally, this includes RocketSkate and Pure Hockey. Additionally, Warroad, founded by NHL Player TJ Oshie, provides an undergarment with built-in neck guard and cut-resistant wrist guards.

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